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Energy Efficient Heating & Electric Systems

Discover our range renewable options below, reach out if you cant see what your looking for.

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Solar PV

Generate clean, green and free electricity from the suns energy. Saving you money and improving your carbon footprint. Why not couple this with battery storage to capture all of that energy for use later in the day at times when your household energy is at its highest, This ensures you pay for energy when its at its cheapest using smart API's which integrate nicely with your energy suppliers surge pricing.... All clever stuff. Very simply your solar PV & Battery install plays nicely with your energy supplier.

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Home Battery Storage


Home battery storage is a fast evolving technology that allows energy from solar panels generated during the day to be stored for use throughout the evening via a coupled battery. Battery storage systems are sophisticated, modern additions to the home which use little space, but provide additional energy for use through peak times. Smart tariffs link with the systems to enable automatic trading of your energy. This can automatically allow charging of the battery when prices are low and ensure your system only uses the PV generated during peak times


It's not even necessary to have Solar PV Installed. We work with companies that use large battery systems to import and store electricity at off-peak times and release it at peak times. This helps them purchase cheap electricity and therefore save money on bills, but also minimise charges for peak time consumption. How much storage and whether to have it at all completely depends on circumstance. Some customers want to maximise their Solar PV capacity and self-consumption for environmental reasons, others want to make a big reduction in their bills.



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Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

An air source heat pump is placed at a discreet location at your property, which could be the side or back of the property. It absorbs heat from the air and then through the inverter it increases the temperature which is used to transfer heat throughout the property. Air source heat pumps need electricity to run but as they extract heat from the environment, the heat output is over three times greater than the electricity input, making it a low carbon, efficient energy option to heat your home. 


When you compare the efficiency ratio it works out for every 1kw of energy you put into an ASHP, you gain 3kw of heat energy out where as a standard gas boiler is a 1:1 ratio, for every 1kw you put in you get roughly 1kw out.

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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal panels are panels that are mounted on your roof to absorb heat from the sun which is pumped to a hot water cylinder and used to heat that water for use throughout your home. Solar thermal panels help you reduce your carbon footprint and save huge amounts on your monthly bills by assisting to fulfil your hot water requirements using a completely FREE, yes free!, renewable energy source.

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