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Your First Step to a Greener Future

Heating Systems

Whether your looking to take the first step to go green with renewable energy technology or simply looking to update your current system take a look below and feel free to contact us, one of our friendly team members will be happy to guide and advise you on how you can improve your heating system, most importantly save money on energy.

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Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are very efficient, cost-effective solutions to heat your home. There is plenty of gas boiler options on the market to suit your needs.


Gas System Boilers & Unvented Cylinders

This type of system enable multiple people to use hot water at the same time, without any pressure loss issues or even a burst of cold water during your shower when someone downstairs turns on the tap in the kitchen. You can also combine your gas boiler with smart controls to help increase efficiency by only using hot water and heating when you need it. Such as a Nest thermostat, we fit many of these thermostats and they are a welcomed addition to your system

Gas Combi Boilers

are perfect for a small to medium sized home with one bathroom, being cost effective and low cost to maintain they make the perfect choice for a cost effective install. 


Wood Burning Stoves

Sit back and relax watching the fire roar, listening to the wood crackling as your stove kicks out copious amounts of heat. Its no secret wood burning stoves can be a statement piece in any room, we can design an install your dream stove. If your looking for a log burner why not reach out to us and let us help you to create a beautiful statement piece in your home that you can be proud of.

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